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Custom Built Cloud Based Softwares

The custom cloud software or cloud computing is a software which is hosted in cloud and can be accessed from any part of the world using internet. The Cloud Computing has following benefits and advantages:

  • Scalability
    WhatsApp, a cloud software has billions of users all across the globe because it utilized the power of cloud computing to build a simple chat application.

  • Flexibility
    Most of the cloud softwares are hosted on a server like Amazon AWS server. Unlike our conventional PC these server’s processing power can at any time be increased or decreased based based on the traffic or usage.

  • Cost Effective
    As the cloud-based systems don't require hardware investment, they are very economical.

  • 24 x 7 Availability
    The servers where the cloud software will be hosted will be up 24 x 7. Most of the hosting companies provide an uptime of 99.99%, which means the servers never sleep.

  • Security
    Cloud is used as secondary storage by many companies to secure the data even when there is loss of local stored data. Google Drive & Dropbox are some of the example of cloud storage providers.

  • Remote Management
    Cloud softwares can be accessed through internet and so you can easily work from any place using cloud software.

  • Developer Friendly
    Back in the time, software engineers used to travel a long distance to install software updates. Now updating software has become a office work with the help of cloud computing.

  • Economical
    Most of the cloud solutions are charged based on usage, which reduces cost as users don’t have to pay for hardware.

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